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Your Digital Halo

Identity Secure with IBM® Watson™


Percentage of Americans who report being victims of identity theft.

What does this cost an organization?

1,000 employees
2,500 employees
5,000 employees
Identity Secure protects your employees and their families from cybertheft and financial harm.

Industry-leading alert speeds and breadth help employees stop fraud and other forms of identity theft before it spirals out of control.

Personalized threat alerts and risk management tools empower employees to better mitigate risks and optimize cybersecurity through tailored information, best practices, and alerts.

Unparalleled family protection includes intuitive cyberbullying capabilities that evaluate posts for harmful and aggressive language, and other social media monitoring tools to ensure that kids have safe online experiences.

Your Digital Halo

Device Secure

Cybercrime is expected to cost $6 Trillion annually by 20201


Predicted cost of ransomware attacks in 20192


Average number of new malicious programs and unwanted apps released each day3


Number of malware attacks in 20184


Percentage of malicious email attachments sent as Office 365 files5

Device secure protects employees’ devices–and your corporate data–from malicious hackers

Safe browsing tools provide around-the-clock protection from malware, ransomware, spyware, and viruses, helping to reduce criminal activity.

Around-the-clock, fortress-like protection that’s always on alert – whether an employee is actively using a machine at work or sleeping with all devices on mute.

VPN provides employees with a secure connection to the internet, reducing the risk of intrusion on their personal devices.


Privacy Secure

Technology, the internet, and social media have created an exchange that allows sensitive personal information to be exploited by data brokers, spammers, and people search engines.

How do consumers feel?1

93 %

say that being in control of who can get information about them is important

9 %

feel that they have “a lot of control” over how much information is collected about them

76 %

aren’t confident that data maintained by online advertisers will remain private and secure

69 %

aren’t confident that their activity on social media sites will remain private and secure

66 %

aren’t confident that their search engine activity will remain private and secure

Privacy Secure disrupts the collection and sale of your employees’ data by proactively removing their information from data broker/aggregator lists and people-finder sites.

Personal data sharing alerts empower employees to reduce – and in some places completely stop – unauthorized use of their personal data and information.

Information removal data broker lists and people locator sites reduces employee’s identity fraud risk.

Reduces unwanted and unsolicited eMails, texts, and spam, including pre-approved credit offers.