Round out your benefits package

As employees and their families are spending more time online, cybercriminals are taking advantage to steal personal and financial information. It is time to protect every aspect of digital life.

Our proactive solutions keep personal and workplace devices secure and sends notifications when there is a data threat.

A fully integrated solution that delivers:

  • Innovative products to protect employees and their employers while having the ability to scale to the changing needs of today and tomorrow.
  • Proactive device and privacy features deliver more than any identity protection provider.

Powerful Identity Protection

Protect the financial, personal and social identities of your employees and their families.


Advanced identity protection and monitoring tools.


Digital wellness with credit protection and all the features of Total and more


Powerful digital wellness with proactive device and privacy security alongside all the features of Total and Premier plus more

Aura Identity Guard’s Cyber Wellness is the leading employee benefit designed with your company and employees in mind.
Cyber Wellness