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Offer Aura Identity Guard’s Employee Protection Plan. Employees get identity, device, and privacy protection and you are able to provide a valuable benefit at a special, exclusive cost. Contact your Aura Identity Guard representative to learn more about the Employee Protection Plan.

Unemployment Fraud Claim

Cybercriminals have found a new target: unemployment claim fraud. Aura Identity Guard helps employees resolve unemployment claim fraud, provide identity, and credit monitoring, and ongoing protection from fraud.

Why Cyber Wellness is critical for the employer and the employee

With data breaches and cyber threats ever more present, Cyber Wellness is a critical issue not only for employees, but also for the employers who lose workforce productivity from victimized individuals.1 An advocate for Cyber Wellness, Aura Identity Guard educates employers and their employees on how to take responsibility for their own cyber well-being.

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Our Products

The Aura™ Identity Guard® Digital Halo empowers employees to protect their digital, physical, and financial future.

Identity Secure

Powered by IBM® Watson™ AI, Identity Secure provides users with around-the-clock identity theft monitoring and alerts users to Dark Web activity, new accounts, and other suspicious activity.

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Device Secure

Through VPN, safe browsing, and robust anti-virus tools, Device Secure protects employees’ physical devices – including computers, tablets, and mobile phones – against hackers seeking access to sensitive corporate and personal data.

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Privacy Secure

Privacy Secure puts users in control of how their personal data is used and sold on the internet by proactively removing their information from data broker/aggregator lists and people-finder sites.

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As the only ID protection solution integrated with IBM® Watson™ artificial intelligence, Aura Identity Guard can process billions of pieces of data to provide best-in-class monitoring.
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Broker Program

Include Cyber Wellness in your plan strategy with a reliable partner.
Robust plan design.

Cyber Wellness is critical to every segment of a plan’s population. By offering Aura’s end-to-end cybersecurity solution your clients can attract and retain talent across every generation and every life situation.

The feeling is mutual.

We will treat your clients as if they were our own… because they are! Every employer has dedicated account support to ensure seamless implementations and enrollment launches.

Unparalleled earning potential.

Our competitors only offer identity theft products, while Aura offers a full suite of Cyber Wellness solutions.2 With more products to sell, along with an industry-leading incentive plan, we can grow our book of business together.